Jobs for dancers and hostesses in Lebanon

Jobs for dancers, hostesses and models in the best super nightclubs in Lebanon

J & J s.a.r.l is an artist agency specialized in finding jobs in Lebanon for dancers, all free of charge!!!

Our working activity is based on a license granted by the Ministry of Labor in Lebanon.

We are looking for beautiful girls between the ages of 18 and 30 who are willing to work as dancers with consummation in the best super nightclubs in Lebanon, Cyprus, and Syria for the best salaries ever offered. We also need girls to work as waitresses in Cyprus, Mali, and Jordan.

Unlike other agencies and individuals who promise the girls something and do another, we care for you. We watch over the girls who work with us personally and periodically to make sure that they are always treated in the best ways and that they are extremely comfortable in the clubs where they work. We always do our best to put the girls in the best hotels where there are swimming pools, 24/7 hot and cold air conditioning, and hot running water in the showers. We know that this is what every girl who signs a work contract expects but never gets, but we guarantee you that with us, you can get all this and more.

Jobs for dancers, hostesses and models in the best super nightclubs in Lebanon
Jobs for dancers, hostesses and models in the best super nightclubs in Lebanon

Work Nature and Conditions for dancers and hostess jobs in Lebanon:

  • Must be good-looking.
  • Knowledge of the English language is preferred.
  • Show dancers are preferred. Professional dancers are rewarded.

You will have your own international cell phone during the entire period of working with us, so you can contact your parents, friends, and our agency if you need anything. We are available 24/7.

We always bring the girls to the best clubs, but if for any reason you decide to change to another place (maybe your friend recommended it, or you’re simply not satisfied), we can move you to any other club you want at any time.

The work contract is for three months and renewable for another three.

The contract can be terminated at any time if both the boss and the girl agree to it.

Flight expenses and some pocket money will be provided until you earn enough to pay us back.

Requirements for jobs in Lebanon for dancers and hostesses:

  • A scan of the main page of your passport.
  • 4-6 new ordinary photos of yourself.
  • A facial 3×4 photo (no hair should be covering your face).
  • A scan of the contract that we send to you (with your signature on it).
  • The original copy of the contract that you signed and sent to us (to be brought by hand upon arrival).

Get your job right now and start working without paying any fees. Send your resume and other necessary documents to our company email, and we will contact you and send you the contract to sign immediately.

Our E-mail: [email protected]

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